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Local Balloon Rides
in Michigan

Hot Air Balloon Rides
Why watch from the ground?

Come, join us for the experience of a lifetime.

Our hot air balloon flights originate every morning and evening of the week (year-round, weather permitting) from our balloonport at Island Lake Recreation area in Brighton, Michigan, or from our offices at the Livingston County Airport in Howell, Michigan.  We meet our passengers at sunrise for the morning flights, and two hours prior to sunset for the evening flights.


We offer two types of flights - our "group" flight, which accommodates four passengers and our pilot, and our "couples" flight which reserves the balloon exclusively for two passengers and our pilot.  The flight is approximately one hour in length, however, you should plan three hours for the entire experience.

The balloon will fly as low as treetop level to as high as 2,000-3,000 feet.  The balloon travels with the direction of the wind, therefore the flight path varies with each ride.  The balloon cannot be driven like a car, plane, or other vehicle so it does not fly to a predetermined landing site.

On the date of your flight, we will contact you to confirm the meeting time that was established at the time your reservation was made.  In the event that weather conditions prohibit us from flying, we will secure an alternate date for your flight at that time.  We fly in winds of 10 MPH or less.  In wind speeds above that, your flight will be postponed as we want to ensure the safest and most ideal conditions for your ride.


The temperature in the balloon basket is comparable to "ground" temperature, possibly 3-5 degrees cooler.  Therefore, we suggest you dress for whatever is comfortable for the day.  If you are scheduling a summer flight, you will want to wear lightweight pants and tennis shoes and bring a jacket as it typically cools off after the sun sets.  If you are interested in a winter flight, wear a heavy jacket, low- or no-heeled boots and be sure to bring a cap and gloves.


You are welcome to bring a small camera or hand-held video camera, as you will see some beautiful scenery and possibly some wildlife while you are in flight.

NOTE: Renaissance Balloons, Inc. cannot be responsible for lost or broken articles.

The cost is $225.00 per passenger for a "group" hot air balloon ride.  If you have four or more in your party, we offer a reduced rate of $200.00 per passenger.  The "couples" flight is $550.00 per couple.  We require a $50.00 per passenger deposit at the time you make your reservation (balance due upon completion of flight).

The flight lasts approximately one hour and is followed by a champagne toast (non-alcoholic beverage also available).  Each of our passengers receives a souvenir wineglass as a special remembrance of their flight, as well as a "first flight" certificate commemorating their first ride with us.

Gift certificates are payable in full at the time of purchase and are valid for one year.  A $20.00 processing fee will be retained for any cancellations or refunds.


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